Our Story

Chris Voute, an aspiring inventor and Carman Adair, a seasoned businessman and serial entrepreneur both live and work in the White Rock/South Surrey area of British Columbia. We collectively saw the need for a solar energy system that was easy to install, eye-catching, efficient and affordably priced. The goal was to create an out-of-the-box solution for off-grid cabins, supplementary power systems, remote communities and more. We partnered in creating the company Solarhexx. Our intent is to build a company that will be of value to help the planet and serve customer's needs in both simplicity and power generation.


Our Mission

To provide customers with a product that is practical and exciting, made to high quality standards and at a fair price. We hope to get people EXCITED about using free electricity from the sun by use of an eye-catching product. We hope that we can create more new products that are effective in providing solutions for off-grid power needs and practical to the local community. Our goal is to manufacture and assemble all components and parts in Canada, sourcing raw materials locally where possible. From silicon wafers and cut glass to a beautiful hexagon SolarHexx Panel, Canada is capable of green energy.