Out Of Box Solutions

SolarHexx brings a cost-effective energy solution to any power system. From remote, off-grid
cabins to urban residential, our product works for everyone.


Solar Tracking

SolarHexx Auto units include a dual-axis tracking system. Tracking systems provide up to 40% more energy production. The system uses global positioning to find the sun, no matter where you are in the world.

SolarHexx Manual units include a single-axis adjustment for optimizing PV generation. This improves energy production throughout the seasons.


Pv Generation

Each SolarHexx unit produces enough energy for 10,000 - 15,000 miles in an average electric vehicle, or power a standard sized cabin.

With dual-axis solar tracking, SolarHexx Auto produces a minimum equivilant of 2KWs. Our systems provide options for both parallel and series configurations depending on each specific situation.

With SolarHexx Manual, each tower produces 1.4KW. The equivilant average output can be improved throughout the seasons by adjusting the unit's vertical position.